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Kidsafe will be delivered to our reception children in January - before we begin running the program with the children, we will offer a session to provide parents with more information about the way the initiative works

Reception parents will receive details on this before we close for the Christmas holidays.


About Kidsafe
Kidsafe UK is a registered charity (1105179) established in Cumbria. The purpose of the programme is to build children's confidence, self esteem and equip them with skills to keep themselves safe from various forms of abuse without shattering their innocence. The programme is age appropriate and delivered within the classroom by trained Kidsafe tutors, using KS (a puppet), games, singing and worksheets.

The programme consists of 5 separate sessions:


Session One - Keeping Safe

Trust - Feelings (good/bad)


Session Two - Yukky Feelings - feeling sad, scared or worried


Session Three - Bullying (what it means and how to stop it)
Using your voice (to say 'NO'in uncomfortable situations) and How to identify trusted grown-ups


Session Four - Keeping your private places safe, rules for keeping yourself safe and keeping secrets (good/bad)


Session Five - keeping safe online, watching TV and playing video games


Each session includes a scenario involving KS in a situation that gives him yukky feelings. Children then work together with the tutors to come up with possible solutions or advice to help KS.

After each session children will take home a letter outlining what they have done in that day's session.

Once the children have completed the five sessions they are presented with a certificate. Three months later children will have a sixth session to re-cap main points from all five sessions.

Our Kidsafe tutor is Ms Kyle

Look out for more information in the coming weeks via letter, text and on the website / app

Kidsafe Blog     

Kidsafe Lead Tutor (Mrs Louise Kyle)                                                                            

22nd January 2020

Helping children protect themselves : Session 1: Introduction and Trust

Dear Parents/Carers 

The Kidsafe Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme has started today in your child’s class. The purpose of the EYFS programme is to develop your child’s ability to recognise unsafe situations and to take action to protect themselves.

 Over the next few weeks during circle time the children will be looking at the following areas: 

Trust, self-confidence and self-esteem, feelings/talking about our feelings, dealing with bullying, communication skills and saying “No”, computer/internet safety and age ratings on DVD’s and computer games. 

Parents/carers are a child’s most important teachers, and in providing maximum safety for children, your role is vital. 

After each session we will send home a letter telling you what we did during the session. Today the Kidsafe tutor/s introduced themselves and played some ‘getting to know you’ games with the children, including talking with the children about the ways they already keep themselves safe. We talked about the meaning of the word trust and played a trust game.

At school we would welcome any comments you or your children have in relation to this session.

 Yours sincerely,


Kidsafe Lead Tutor (L Kyle)                                                                          

Visit Kidsafe at www.kidsafeuk.co.uk or follow us on Facebook  and Twitter