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Hill View Infant Academy

Believe and Achieve

Christmas Lunch shenanigans!

The Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived at Hill View Infant Academy!!!


He's in the building … 

Look who's helping Santa today!

Look at our lodge... ready for our visitor tomorrow. 

Our children have had a lovely time today playing xylophones and glocks with Mrs Boyd.

Today our children made beautiful clay hearts to deliver to someone they love.

VE Day

Our children have shared some fantastic photos of the different ways they celebrated VE Day!

School is still open for the children of key workers. I’m sure you will agree they are doing an amazing job! We have been lucky with the weather and the children have been enjoying themselves playing in the sunshine.

Our children have been carrying out a Science investigation using Skittles and water. Why don’t you have a go at home? (I have a feeling some of the evidence may have been eaten!)

Our children created some wonderful rainbows to brighten up Mrs Stoker’s husband’s bus. Look out for them!

World Book Day 2020

We had a fantastic time on World Book Day. Thank you so much to parents/carers for a sterling effort!

Number Day 2020!

On Friday 7th February we took part in the NSPCC Number Day! We had lots of fun completing maths challenges during the day. We solved problems, played games and even made our own games. Everyone across the school tried a tricky problem for Mrs Smith. Some of us even kept trying different board games as part of Golden Time!

It was a great chance to put our maths knowledge to the test as well as finding out more about how important it is to be safe and looked after by our grown-ups around us.

100% Attendance Assembly

Look at how many children received 100% for Autumn term... well done!


Year 2 Carol Singing

Photos from Bryony Lodge at Christmas

A special visitor

Look who made a visit to school today to give all our children a Gift and to wish them a Merry Christmas!

Grand opening of 'The Reading Den' (December 2019)


We are very pleased with our new reading den in school. The transformation is amazing! Our children are so excited to spend time in here enjoying books and relaxing. One child said: “I love the tree house, I will snuggle down and read my favourite book in there”

Mr Ken Hall, who is a local author and friend of Hill View kindly cut the ribbon. He is 95 years old and is an avid reader and story teller. Mr Hall has donated £350 to our library. Thank you!

Fair trade Coffee Morning September 2019

Music Enrichment

Some promising musicians have been chosen to be [part of our music enrichment session in school, ran by our music teacher, Mrs Boyd. Their first session was a success. The children all did well and we worked on reading and performing rhythms on djembe drums.


Enterprise Week

The Sunderland Empire ‘Peter and the Wolf’ concert

Class 4

Enterprise week started in class 4. The children have been visiting classes around school with our big jar of sweets. They have been taking guesses and recording the information for safekeeping. The winner will be announced on Friday - we will be taking guesses all week. Good luck!


Watch this crispy cake advert made by class 11. Who wouldn't want to buy one now!

Outdoor Classroom Day 2019

Outdoor Adventure Club 

Out children are loving their time in this club, enjoying the great outdoors. 


Peter and the Wolf Orchestra

The children enjoyed a visit from some of the musicians from Sunderland Symphony Orchestra, to promote a concert of Peter and the Wolf at the Sunderland Empire. The children got to see and hear the sounds of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments and some children even took part in a procession with drums and masks. 

Mrs Boyd & Mrs Mapplebeck (violin tutor) then had a rehearsal with the year 1&2 violinists, who are very excited to also be performing on stage in July. Details of how to book your FREE tickets are coming soon!


FRED (Fathers reading every day)

World Book Day 2019


The  performance was a String Trio (violin, viola and cello) who told a story through music, movement, puppets and props, of a tiger who had lost his smile and his adventures on his quest to find it! The children loved the interactive performances and all left the show smiling!


Red Award for Violinists

A special Visit from Santa!

Carol Singing at Victoria Lodge

Christmas Hampers for refugees

Some of our school council went to Bede Tower and the food bank to deliver Christmas hampers this week. All our school children brought in things from home to go in to the hampers. We talked about how we could help others at Christmas time including those without a lot of money or possessions. We have been learning about refugees as part of our International School project. We presented the hampers to some of the refugees who attend the Globe Café at Bede Tower . They were very grateful.

Friendship Friday


Our crew worked with the HVJ crew to make 'odd socks puppets'. They then spent some time in reception helping the little ones with their learning.


Panto Time

Attendance Assembly

World Record BIG SING 2018

Here at Hill View Infants we have been taking part in the Sunderland Big Sing where children across Britain will join around 40 Sunderland schools in an effort to break a world singing record.

We streamed the live event at 11am and packed all 455 children, including Nursery into the school hall where we sang our hearts out.

It gave Mrs Crompton and all the staff goose bumps listening to the wonderful singing.



Infantasia 2018 showcase

Another Infantasia event took place yesterday at Hetton Lyons School. The children in year 2 sang their hearts out!

Year 1 beach trip


What a great day our children had at the beach and winter gardens this week.

Sports Day timetable 2018


Washington Wildfowl 

Class 11 and 12 are having a lovely time on their summer trip.

Skipping Day


What a great day our year 2 children had at the Foundation of Light.

Lola's Ark

Children in reception had the opportunity to meet some very unusual creatures this week. Their faces say it all!

Annual Sunderland Dance Festival


Once again our year 2 children stole the show!



Italian Day

Nursery children have been learning all about the country of Italy and ended with a day of Italian celebrations.

Bird of Prey

The school community were amazed by the most beautiful bird display yesterday in our school field. The children were ecstatic!

Foundation of Light- sharing good practice.

Children from Reception have been chosen to showcase skills to other schools at the FOL today. They were chosen by FOL because of their expert skills and have helped show other schools the great work the foundation can do with young children. 

Recognising our success at Primary Awards

A photo from the Primary Awards which took place last week. Well done to our AB crew and all our children. We won 'the exceptional school award' for Anti Bullying.

Southmoor Young Champions


Children in Year 1 had a special visit to learn about Anti-Bullying and how to stop this.

Rainton Meadows 

Another successful trip took place yesterday, We encourage our children to experience things first hand to enthuse and engage their senses. Class 7 learnt about all kinds of wildlife yesterday at Rainton Meadows which will help develop their understanding of their current topic. The array of smiley faces show how much fun they all had! 

Planetarium in school 


Nursery and class 9 have had a visit from a large inflatable planetarium this week. They got to go inside and view and learn more about stars, planets and our solar system. This was linked to their school topic of space. Listen carefully to the video and hear the children’s reaction...”WOW” . 

Skipping Festival Fun


Forty year 2 children have today taken part in an infant school skipping festival.  We are so very proud of our children who competed and came second. We are now in the final which will take place in a few weeks. Well done year 2 and Miss Knox!


FRED DAY a success!


We are very pleased that another year of FRED (Fathers Reading every day) has been a roaring success. Thank you to all who gave up their time to join us to celebrate world book day and show our children how reading can be so much fun.

Oriental Museum visits in year 1

Polar Express Experience


It's been very festive in school this week and no more so than in Reception.
The children and staff changed into their pyjamas and enjoyed a polar express experience today.

Children received a golden ticket and a special 'I believe' bell and watched the movie with their friends on the big screen. What a magical way to start the Christmas period!


Friendship Friday fun!

After a week of activities and discussions in school, to mark the end of NATIONAL ANTI BULLYING week, today we held Friendship Friday.

This time we chose to do something different. Within each year group children got the opportunity to sign up to an activity led by each class teacher.

Children could therefore mix with their friends from other classes. There were lots of lovely things going on, dvd screenings, arts and crafts, construction, dancing and even just a quiet room to chat with friends. What a lovely day we have had!


Hill View Life


Bonfire Muffin tasting!


Children and staff got to taste the Bonfire Muffin made by Lennox Crosdale in the School Bake Off recently. He came runner up in the competition. Well Done Lennox!

Water Safety

Children in Reception, Year 1 and year 2 have enjoyed sessions ran by the RNLI today to learn more about how to stay safe around  water. They played some fun games and learned some important facts about the how to stay safe around water.


Thanks to the lifeguards who came in a delivered the training.



Remembrance Day


To commemorate the fallen in World Wars One and Two Mrs Herron gave an extra special assembly. Children were asked to bring in any objects and/or photos of family who had fought in each war. The response was amazing and many children and staff brought some wonderful and very precious items to show. children enjoyed learning about the items and sang some fitting songs before the two minute silence.



Judo Taster Sessions

Our children have loved being involved in taster sessions at school this week. We have used some of our PE grant this year to help fund initiatives like this in school.

The physical, technical, social and psychological skills have been taught throughout the sessions and have given children an insight into the sport. Many children are now keen to take up Judo and continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


For more information contact FIJ Sportif.

Year 2 Sports Day 2017


The weather has FINALLY allowed our year 2 children to take part in their sports day on our school field. The sun shone and allowed our children to take part in lots of traditional games against their friends.

They all had great fun!

Dance Festival 2017

It was once again a fabulous day for our year 2 dance crew at the Sunderland Empire on 13th June. The children had a great day performing their dance after many, many rehearsals.

We were introduced as 'the youngest group to perform' but this DID NOT hinder our brave, talented and confident children. Thank you to all staff and parents involved.


NSPCC assembly & parent meeting


The children and staff at school had a special visit from the NSPCC and GENTOO to talk to them about staying safe from harm. The children enjoyed the assembly and have learnt more about safety in school, at home and online.


Parents were invited in to discuss in more depth the importance of keeping their children safe online. We had a good turn out and were pleased that we can offer support to our parents around this important issue.



Swimming at Raich Carter

Year 2 children had the pleasure of 2 fun swim sessions at Raich Carter in Spring term. The children loved the activities on offer and some children overcome their fears and learnt to LOVE swimming! Thank you to all the Raich Carter staff.

Sports Coach at lunch times



We've been very lucky to have a qualified Sports Coach in school to deliver some fun, energetic and exciting activities over lunch time for all children. Here are some photos of the year 2 children having fun playing cricket and football.


      World Book Day


Yesterday (2/3/17) was a fun filled day at school with lots of exciting activities on offer to promote reading. We love to read at Hill View Infant School! Some of our Granddads and Dads gave up their time to come into school and read with our children.  This was a great experience for all and something we hope to continue. Thank you to everyone who helped make costumes and paint faces!

Year 2 Science Week


This has once again been a great success. Children enjoyed many exciting experiments... their faces say it all!


Reading with Junior children


Year 1

Year 2