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Hill View Infant Academy

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Our whole school attendance % is published weekly on our home page


Attendance at Hill View Infant School

Whole School Attendance last week is 94.5% (week ending  (19.07.2019 )


The attendance target for 2018-19 target is 96.6%

The attendance target for 2017-18 target is 96.6%

The attendance target for 2015-16 target is 95.6%. School exceeded this target and achieved 95.7%

The attendance target for 2014-15 was 95.6%. School exceeded this target and achieved 95.7%


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100% Attendance Assembly

July 2017

Miss Murley our attendance officer from Southmoor Academy gave out prizes and certificates to all children with 100% attendance. Well done!


Parents, school and the Local Authority share legal responsibilities in respect of school attendance.

 In order to do this we aim to:

  • ensure every child attends school regularly.
  • ensure children are on time for school.
  • ensure each child has access to vital learning opportunities.
  • ensure that every child has the best possible chance of success.


In order to achieve this we celebrate good attendance in school with Alice and Arthur, our attendance alligators. Alice or Arthur visit the class with the best attendance every week, to emphasise the importance of coming to school.

Alice Arthur

 For further information about attendance please click below:


Attendance Policy


Information for Parents


Fixed Penalty Notice