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Remote Learning Policy 2021-22

September 2021

As a school, we completely understand any isolation is inconvenient and may impact pupils unnecessarily. 

We ant to assure you that we will continue to offer all our children opportunities to continue their education.

If you're child is asked to isolate this year (2021-22) we will provide remote learning via SHOWBIE. 

If your child is in Nursery or Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 you will be able to access your child’s remote learning via our online platform SHOWBIE. 


(You will be able to access this with a class code for your child's class- see link below)



At Hill View Infant Academy, children will be provided with the same curriculum remotely as they would do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, there may be some adaptions in some subjects. For example, Art sessions may focus on using a range of media but we understand that families may not have access to specialist resources at home.

School have purchased a digital platform called Showbie for remote education. This is used consistently from nursery through to year 2.

At Hill View Infant Academy, we will provide a combination of both videos, quizzes and activities and some live sessions where appropriate, all via Showbie.

Lessons will follow the same elements of the effective teaching we have established at Hill View. We will continue to use our curriculum handbook, which includes knowledge and progression of skills.

Lessons will build on the pupil’s sequence of learning planned [whether they are in school or learning remotely]. Teachers will choose the most effective methods of delivery to enable them to best explain key concepts.



January 2021

The DfE have outlined that schools should provide interaction, assessment and feedback.


  • Live feedback throughout the day via Showbie.
  • Regular contact with families where neccessary
  • Resource packs for English, Maths, EYFS, SEND sent to all families at home.


The school have adapted our assessment objectives to ensure ‘non negotiables’ in English and Maths are the focus for spring term assessment 2021. All staff in school have been made aware of this and are ensuring that remote learning focuses on these objectives (as well as all other areas of the curriculum) to enable teachers to be able to assess accurately.

  • TPG assessment grid

TPG files are in place for all children in English and Maths. A TPG assessment grid has been produced for each class teacher to use to ensure objectives are being met and to track individual progress. This will inform spring term assessment at the end of March. We understand that remote/ home work may not be a true reflection of a child’s ability due to the level of support children receive. Therefore teacher knowledge of the child and previous data will be taken in to consideration when assessing.

  • Home Learning Engagement Monitoring

HLEM is in place across school. Teachers complete this weekly to show a child’s level of engagement on our digital platform: Showbie. Teachers to follow the schools ‘communication protocol’ and to contact families who have ‘non engagement’. SLT will monitor this.


  • Live feedback happens daily on SHOWBIE via voice notes, videos and written text. This can be individual and/or group. All children will receive next steps and challenges. Teachers will use the schools own marking policy when marking any work. (Tickled pink and grumpy green)
  • Feedback via telephone fortnightly- where a teacher will discuss in more depth any concerns or queries with the parent around the learning at home as well as a welfare check.
  • Feedback is monitored by SLT daily.

Catch up premium and pupil premium:

The catch up strategy outlines how catch up funding is being used in school. A tutor has been appointed to focus on writing and maths. This will continue in lockdown 0.3. The tutor will record bespoke videos to add to the Showbie platform for children identified as needing extra support. This will be assessed by the tutor. The children in school will also access these videos.




If you're child is isolating and is well:

We expect children to complete a minimum of three hours home learning each day


Helpful apps and websites to access