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Hill View Infant Academy

Believe and Achieve

Assessment at HVIA


Person responsible: Mrs T Crompton


EYFS- Nursery and Reception

In EYFS we use the National Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This can be found here

In Nursery and Reception classes we track progress of our children using the 'EYFS development matters document'. We use long and short observations and document children's small steps in learning using this.

Our on-going formative assessments are based around the EYFS curriculum. This is the document that HVI academy follow to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is taught.




Key Stage 1 - Year 1 and Year 2


Current Assessment Arrangements


Changes to ks1 curriculum 2019

2018 key stage 1 teacher assessment exemplifications- MATHS


We track pupil progress using our bespoke TPG 'Tracking and Progress Grids' document.

TPG maths (This document is used to inform our weekly/ medium term planning)



Changes to end of Key Stage arrangements for 2019

2018 key stage 1 teacher assessment exemplifications- ENGLISH


We track pupil progress using our bespoke TPG 'Tracking and Progress Grids' document.

TPG English  (This document is used to inform our weekly/ medium term planning)



Assessment System for the New National Curriculum 2014

With the removal of 'levels' to track a child’s progress, schools are expected to  design their own system to track progress. At Hill View Infant School we have a new system for assessing pupil progress and attainment in the new national curriculum.

The system is based around the statutory requirements for each year group as laid out in the programmes of study in the new national curriculum. Instead of assessing against NC levels the system allows assessment of statutory requirements / objectives in reference to particular programmes of study.

The below booklet is aimed at providing the necessary information to parents so that you feel fully aware of your own child’s progress and attainment at our school.

Parent Assessment Booklet 2018-20


For more information on Assessment visit our school policies page to view the assessment policy.


Statutory Assessments:

Children are assessed at different points during their primary school career; these assessments are statutory and are reported to the Department for Education and also to parents.  At Kingston Park, we are committed to making these assessments as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Statutory Assessments take place during the Summer Term.


Year Group ~ Reception

Type of Assessment:

  • End of Foundation Stage Profile
  • Teacher assessment based upon evidence collected throughout Nursery and Reception.

Year Group ~ Year 1

Type of Assessment: 

  • Phonics Screening

Year Group ~ Year 2

Type of Assessment: 

  • Phonics Screening (if not passed in Year 1)
  • Type of Assessment: SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) in Reading, Maths, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (SPaG)
  • Writing and Science are teacher assessed.