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Hill View Infant Academy

Believe and Achieve

Year 2

Class 4

As part of our work in English on Winnie the Witch we designed and made our own wands to use in the role play area.

Class 4

Class 4 on our outdoor classroom.


Class 2

Class 2 have been designing Halloween pumpkins. Freya and Isaac’s designs were chosen to be carved out. They also loved bobbing for apples and got a bit wet! Have a great half term!

Class 2 and 4 Visit to Backhouse Park

Class 2

Class 2 have been using clay to make their own representations of a sunflower head, using a range of tools and a slip. We love how they are all different!

Class 3

We went into the outdoor classroom for a Scavenger Hunt – to find signs of autumn.

Class 1

Class 1 decorated cakes and sold them to the rest of Year 2. We gave the money to ‘Books and Bread for Kenya’ who are a charity that takes books and other things like clothes and food to orphaned children in Kenya. We enjoy our reading more now that we know these children can enjoy story books too.


Class 3 : World Mental Health Day

We played ‘Towers, Robots and Jellyfish’.  We learned how to breath – ‘Milkshake Breathing’. We had a ‘Pizza Massage’. We learned how to turn a RED (unhelpful) thought into a GREEN (helpful) thought.

We listened to music with our eyes closed and thought about somewhere that is special to us.

Class 2


In Class 2 we have been learning about where food comes from and how to prepare it. We harvested potatoes from our outdoor classroom, prepared them by washing and chopping them into wedges. We added some rosemary from our herb garden and baked them in the oven. Delicious!

Class 2

In Class 2 we connect with each other through play, both indoors and out. We share ideas and help each other. We develop positive relationships and make each other feel safe.


Class 1 

We toasted marshmallows on the fire-pit as part of our Golden Time. We talked about the Great Fire of London!

Class 1

Class 1’s golden time treasure hunt for Haribo!

golden time for achieving 15 stars

Class 2


In class 2 we have really enjoyed exploring. We love the maths area and the writing area!

Class 4

Class 1

Class 1have settled into Year 2 brilliantly! We are enjoying the routines and structure of life in Class 1, but we are also having lots of fun accessing the Continuous Provision areas in the classroom and the Outdoor Classroom. We have had a lovely start to our work about the 1969 Moon landings with a Space Station role-play, and the children are so enthusiastic about this topic that we are now learning about the Solar System too so our space theme is going to continue for another week or so! In preparation for our next topic of Castles, we have been on a trip to Durham Castle. It’s all go in Class1 – lots of fun and lots of learning!

Class 3

class 3 have been learning about The Five Ways to Wellbeing:

Connect – connecting with others

Give – looking outward as well as inward

Be active – doing something active

Take Notice – taking notice of the world around you

Keep Learning – learning new thing

Connect with people around you. Spend time with your friends and family. Make new friends. Use different ways to communicate. We have been learning all about how we can CONNECT.


Class 3

We were learning about the Great Fire of London through drama.


Class 1 & 4 enjoyed a  trip to Durham Castle 

Class 2 visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium 

Class 2 ...NARNIA adventure!

Class 4:

This morning we spent time in the outdoor classroom planting spring flowers. We made sure the soil was in tip top condition and sewed our seeds. We can't wait to see what happens...

Year 2 enjoying Judo

Class 4

Our challenge in the continuous provision was to design a chocolate factory and make it from lego. We had soooooo much fun!


Making rather sticky slime!

Class 3 enjoying golden time on the outdoor classroom.

Class 4 making fake snow!

Class 4 making sweets for their sweet shop role play


Class 4

Today class 4 had an outreach visit from Durham Cathedral as part of an art project we are part of. We wrote about life as a monk and did some illuminated letters and special calligraphy.


Class 2 enjoying their win!

Year 2, class 4 at Durham Cathedral

Class 1 enjoying making (and eating) rocky road in their golden time.

Class 2: golden time

Class 4

Class 1

Golden time and Children in Need

Odd socks day!

Class 4 golden time

RNLI Water Safety Workshops

Children loved the interactive workshops provide by RNLI today.

Tri Golf- Year 2

Year 2 Violinists- Traffic Light Green Awards

Class 1

Class 4 Golden Time

Class 4 Outdoor Classroom

Class 2 Spooky Fun

Beach Clean up- Class 2

Mental Health Day in Year 2



Class 2

Class 4

This morning we have been enjoying the outdoor classroom We split into 2 groups. One looked for signs of Autumn and the other carried out their own risk assessment of the outdoor classroom, looking for hazards.


Class 1 using the fire pit

Science Ambassadors

Some of our most budding scientists were chosen to take part in the Young Science Ambassador training day at Barnes Infants this week.

This initiative basically "trains" children into leading science across the school. They had a wonderful time learning how to be scientists. We can't wait to see what exciting skills and knowledge our students can teach the rest of school.



Year 2

Year 2 have settled in well to their new classes.


Class 2 sports

Musicians' Concert 2018

Year 2 children put on a superb performance for their families yesterday. We are so very proud. We have some extremely talented musicians at Hill View Infant Academy.



Year 2 Leavers' Party 2018