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Hill View Infant Academy

Believe and Achieve

Year 1

Class 8

As part of our English we have been reading Room on the broom, this week we designed our own broomsticks. we then went into the outdoor classroom and collected twigs and sticks and made them!

It was amazing!

Class 5

Class 5 have had a very shocking day! When we came in this morning a crime scene had appeared. Someone had stolen all of our books that we read for pleasure. They had left their fingerprints behind. We collected the fingerprints as evidence and then we looked closely at each one. We even used our own fingerprints to check it wasn’t us! We used our science skills to compare the fingerprints. We found out that Mrs Stiles loves to read so much that she took all of the books but was happy to give them back when we discovered her crime! Phew!

Class 7

Science activities

Class 8

Today we worked as a group to think about our bones. We learned that our bones make up our skeleton and without this we would be like jelly! We discussed the biggest and smallest bones in the body. To end our lesson we worked together to assemble a giant skeleton.


Class 7

Class 7 have been learning how to ‘log on’ to the computer and navigate around the home screen to find things we need. We used the Class 7 username and password. We were very patient waiting for the computer to follow our instructions and load up everything we needed. Once we ‘logged on’ we opened the internet and tried to search for a game.

Once the lesson was over we also practise following instructions to ‘shut down’ the computers carefully.


Class 8

Class 8 have been enjoying playing simple games in PE. We have been learning to take turns, follow rules, be team players and of course…stay fit and healthy.


Class 5

Today Class 5 had a disco for Golden Time. We danced to our favourite songs and even took some inspiration from Strictly Come Dancing! FAB-U-LOUS!

Class 5

Class 5 have enjoyed their gingerbread project this week! We have been reading Hansel and Gretel. First we described the sweetie house from the story. Then we designed our own. Next we found a recipe and followed it carefully to make our own gingerbread. Next we wrote the algorithm ourselves. Finally, when the gingerbread was cool, we decorated them using our designs. A delicious few days!

Class 7

Class 5

Class 5 have had a lovely few days settling in to our new routines and classroom. We are already doing do fantastic learning in maths, writing and reading. We have been exploring our new classroom areas which include a fancy dress shop role play, a small world house and tree house, a construction area, complete with building workshop and a creative area. We even made some new friends to help us settle in.

Class 6

Class 6 have settled I well to their new class this week.

Class 8


Today class 8 had their first go EVER in the computing suite with Ms Kyle. We all practised logging on to the school server on the laptops. It was great!!!

CLASS 7 Chinese Dragon!

Class 7 World Book Day

Enterprise Week 2019

Class 5 Silly selfies!

Class 5 Ice Cream Parlour

Class 8 enjoying the tuck shop!

Some of the highlights from Red Nose Day and balloon games with Class 5!


Class 5 at Blue Reef Aquarium

Oriental Museum in year 1

Class 5 enjoying spring term activities

Class 8 enjoying reading club, This club is ran by Mrs Johnston every week. The children are given the chance to enjoy many exciting stories and ultimately develop a love of reading.

Class 7 party day

Class 5 golden time

Class 5 enjoying golden time

Class 5 Golden Time and CIN

Class 8 Golden Time

Class 8

Golden Time - class 5

Class 5 had great fun at their first dance party, especially with their glow bands! 

The boys have promised to teach Miss Hern how to ‘floss’ before the Christmas party if she teaches them reading and maths!

Class 5 - Meet Bob!


The children wanted to find out about our organs in our body so we borrowed a lifesize model from Miss Hern's brothers school where he works. We named him Bob and have had lots of fun working out where all the 'bits' go!


Class 8

class 8 toasted marshmallows today. They made such a good fire that they decided to cook some fruit too!

Class 7


Year 1 children have settled in well to their new classes.