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Home Learning

Reception Home Learning teacher is Ms Earl. She can be contacted via school email from Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
Email: SHVaearl@hvi.org.uk

Paper copies of all home learning are available from outside the school office.

Summer 2-Week 6

Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in September!

Summer 2- Week 5

Summer 2- Week 4

Summer 2- Week 3 

Summer 2- Week 2

Summer term 2- Week 1

Summer term 1

Class 10

The best day ever! Class 10 water fight.

Class 12

Here are some photos from our last week before school closed which was filled with circle time, talking, going outside and dancing.

A message for Class 9!

Hi class 9!

I'm missing you all lots and lots and wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all!
I am sure you will all be having lots of fun with your families and playing at home. I can't wait to see and hear about the amazing things you have all been up to soon. Keep smiling and don't forget to always have fun! 

Lots of love, Miss Dunn ☺️

A message for Class 10!
Hi Class 10
I hope you are all safe and happy and enjoying the sunshine . I really miss you all and hope we will be able to be together again very soon . In the meantime make sure you are good for your grown ups , keep learning, have fun and stay safe 
Lots of love and huge, huge hugs to you and all of your families 
Miss you all lots and lots
Stay safe 
All my love 
Miss Earl xxxxx
A message for Class 11!
Hi everyone,
We hope you are all happy and feeling OK. We miss you all but we hope it won’t be too long until we can all get together again and have lots of fun.
Remember to be kind to the people you live with and, here’s a challenge, try to make someone smile every day!
Take care lovelies.
Mrs Gray and Mrs Roeves

A message for Class 12!

Hi Class 12!
A message to the children –
We miss seeing you every day and you telling us that we've 'forgotten to change the day!’ It does feel that way right now, almost like it’s stuck on the weekend! I know it is a little strange that your Easter holidays started early but that means you have got extra lovely time in your home and with your family. We have lots of new activities which will be sent to you after Easter. We want you to keep having fun and see if you can make your grown-ups smile! Go on, pull your silliest face! 

A message to the grown-ups – 
You’re doing amazingly well during this strange time. Do activities with the children when it feels right, just simply relax when it feels right.
 Look after yourself because they need you and that is what is most important. We are going to be posting some photos from Spring term so keep a look out. Keep smiling and we hope to see you all soon. 

Lots of love from Miss Coull and Mrs Douglass xx


Class 10

Class 10 set up their role play area to reflect their interests. It helped them to understand and talk about what is happening.

Class 12

Class 12 goes to Space! We have really enjoyed finding the answers to our big questions about Space in Class 12! We have been very busy painting rockets, creating aliens, ordering planets and watching real Space videos!

We also went on a ‘moon walk’ in our outdoor classroom measuring the moon with our strides! It was so much fun!

Class 12

Chinese New Year in Class 12!


Class 10

Class 10 enjoying all things Christmassy!

Class 12

Class 12 have been celebrating Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day! We have had fun finding words in a cauldron, creating fantastic firework pictures and making our own Guy! We also learned about the importance of Remembrance Day and made poppies to wear for our special assembly.



Class 11

Children in Need Day in Class 11

Class 9 

In class 9, we have been learning French with our new friend Bernard the Bear who visits us from Paris. We have been looking closely at where we live in the United Kingdom and how we would travel to another country like France. The children have been practising saying hello (Bonjour) and goodbye  (Au revoir) as well as introducing their names (Je m’appelle) to Bernard in French. We had lots of fun and the children continued to enjoy sharing their French with Bernard in the classroom.

Class 11

Baking bread!

Class 11 

Class 11 are enjoying being superheroes this week in school.. 

Class 11

Working hard and having fun.

Class 9

In Class 9, we have had so much fun exploring and learning in our Reception outdoor classroom. We have discussed the importance of team work both inside and outside the classroom and the children have quickly applied this by helping their friends. Class 9 have thoroughly enjoyed: climbing, exploring different ways of moving, playing instruments, finding mini beasts, finding signs of autumn and exploring with their friends and Miss Dunn and Mrs Gordon. We even found some conkers and got to experience opening a conker shell for the first time. We’re hoping we can find some more!


Class 12

In Class 12 we have had such an exciting time both in our indoor and in our outdoor classroom! From Autumn adventures to pirate ships we have had lots of fun. I can’t wait to see where our learning takes us next! Miss Coull

Class 10

Class 10 have had a very exciting time this morning rescuing a baby hedgehog. Well done Class 10!


Class 9

Class 9 have settle din brilliantly to their new class and surroundings.