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Hill View Infant Academy

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PRIMARY AWARDS: we have WON a prestigious award for our outstanding commitment to anti-bullying and the impact this has had on school.

Anti Bullying


We have received the Anti Bullying Charter Mark PLATINUM Award for our hard work and commitment to reducing incidents of bullying.

 Anti Bullying lead in school is: Miss Dunn and Mrs Crompton (deputy head teacher)


At Hill View Infant Academy we have worked very hard to make a child-friendly Anti Bullying leaflet (policy) to help all our children know how to stop bullying at school. The school council have worked with all pupils, teachers and the leadership team to make a special leaflet that every child can take home to share with their families. Click on the image below to see for yourself!

If you think you are being bullied rememember to: 

  • TELL US - You  will  be  listened  to,  you  will  be believed and  we  will  try  to  do something about it.  We  might  need to  tell  someone else but we will tell  you  what  we  are going to do first. 
  • Tell  the  person who is bullying you that you know they are a  bully  and  that you are going to tell someone.
  • Walk away if you can - do not run - do not argue.
  • Keep with others - do not become isolated.
  • Stay near adults.
  • Keep away from "danger" areas.  

Click here to view our latest Anti-Bullying newsletter.


Useful Websites:

You could have a look on these websites for more information:


Adults can view our Anti-Bullying Policy here.



To help STOP bullies in school we have …

Worry Boxes in all classrooms and in our entrance. Children can use these to add any worries they have. The class teacher will then speak with the child about their worry and may share this with the class to help solve the worry.


We have a selection of books about being a good friend in our entrance


We have a buddy bench in our school yard where children can sit if they would like someone to play with or a friend to talk to.

We also have a group of Year 2 children called 'Little Leaders' who are there to help out if a child is feeling unhappy or alone at playtimes and lunchtimes. They wear bright caps with a little leaders badge on so that they can be easily seen by others.