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Hill View Infant Academy

Believe and Achieve

School Staff



Staff lists and teams 2017-18


Leadership Team

Headteacher                  C. Smith      (Designated Safeguarding lead)

Deputy Headteacher       T. Crompton (Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead)                   

Assistant HeadTeacher   C. Scott     (Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead)                   


Nursery Team

Nursery teacher/ Manager/Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead                  N. Stockley

Nursery Nurses     A. Brooks/J. Ternent / G. Jones/ R.Burnett / L. Stoddart

Reception Team

Teachers                      C. Knox                                Class 9

                                      A. Earl                                  Class 10

                                      J. Gray                                 Class 11

                                      A.Fuller                                 Class 12

                                      G. Earl                                  PPA Reception


Nursery Nurses           A. Gordon

                                     N. Stoker

                                      S. Roeves           

                                        H. Ingram      

                                      L. Douglass

                                        L. Garrigan

Year One Team         

Teachers                  L. Hern                          Class 5

                                  K. Ridley                       Class 6

                                  C. Scott                         Class 7

                                   L. Gould                          Class 8               


Year Two Team         


B. Johnston                                Class 1 

S. Jackson/G Earl                      Class 2

G. Herron                                   Class 3

L. Kyle/K. Alderson Flood           Class 4


J. Boyd                                    Music

K. Ridley                                  French

T. Crompton                            A&T writers for Year 2

S. Kilpatrick                              PPA KS1


HLTAs      N.Stoker (PPA cover) /   L. Gibson (PPA cover)

Teaching Assistants     C. Bowman/C. Law/S. Wrightson/D. Lindsay /E. Gray/M.Oley / J. Stiles/ M. Hughes/S. Ashman

Office Staff      J. Wilkinson (office manager), L. Gibson, H. Howat

Site Supervisor     D. Gray

Cook                       K. Forster

Lunchtime Supervisor    J. Jukes

Lunchtime assistants      H. Davison, T.Washniewski, S. Ruffell,  L. Jackson. M. Rogers, , Mrs L Appleby,  Mrs H Cervena, Miss K Lavelle,  Mrs L. Lawson, Mrs. L. Pickering, Mrs H. Turnbull, Mrs S. Reynolds, A. McAnananey, J.Copeland, K.Copus, A.Gibson, H.Ingram, A.Ledger, L Gibson. 


After School Club S. Ferries (manager) Temporary manager A. Gordon,  L. Nisbett,  L. Jackson, M. Oley, H. Robins, M. Rogers, S. Reynolds, B. Burnett, S. Ashcroft, S Ashman

Breakfast Club            N. Stoker (manager), A. Gordon, R. Burnett, J. Jukes, C. Bowman, S. Ashman, L. Jackson, L. Appleby, T. Washniewski


Middle management team

There are six members of the teaching staff with extra management responsibilities for teaching and learning:-

  • Laura Hern – Leader of Teaching and Learning for Maths
  • Barbara Johnston – Leader of Teaching and Learning for English
  • Alex Earl- SENDco
  • Nicola Stockley- Leader of Teaching and Learning in Nursery- Nursery Manager & Deputy Safeguarding Lead
  • Janelle Gray – Leader of Teaching and Learning for Science
  • Sue Jackson – Leader of Teaching and Learning for Challenge and Intervention/A&T