School Planning and Topics


Foundation subject planning and topics

The curriculum is a framework within which learning and teaching takes place. All children at Hill View Infant School have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, regardless of gender, race, religion, age or ability. We believe learning should be fun, relevant and motivating. We firmly believe in the importance of providing meaningful learning experiences. Our curriculum is effectively delivered through creative cross curricular topics that combine a range of subjects to make learning meaningful and enable children to make links between subjects.

We check the coverage of the National Curriculum against our topics to ensure children are taught the appropriate knowledge and skills for their year group.

Our creative planning approach aims to bring the curriculum to life through hooks to engage the children and capture their attention as well as a meaningful purpose and context for learning.

Below are the creative plans we have written at Hill View Infant School. Each teacher and class select a different topic each half term. This plan is adapted, added to and enhanced based on the requirements of the pupils and curriculum.

For Key Stage 1: Use the yellow topic table below to find out the topic focus for your child's class each term and then click the appropriate topic.

   Topic 1 Topic 2  Topic 3  Topic 4   Topic 5 Topic 6 
 YEAR 1  Animal Magic Plants 

Oh I do like to be

beside the seaside 

 How we used

to live

 YEAR 2  Body Bits Castles/ Dragons  Chocolate


Under the sea

Polar Regions/Everest


Whole School Topics

We will update the below topic plan on a half termly basis. If you would like to discuss the content of any topic that your child is being taught, please speak to the class teacher.


Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2

Autumn term

first half term


Response to all about me forms


Class 9- Starting School 

Class 10- Traditional Tales

Class 11-Ourselves  

Class 12- Traditional Tales

Class 5- How we used to live- houses and homes

Class 6- How we used to live- houses and homes

Class 7- Me and my world

Class 8- Seasons and How we used to live.


Class 1- Body Bits

Class 2- Castles and Dragons,

Class 3- An adventure at the castles.

Class 4- Body Bits,


Spring term




Summer term






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