At Hill View Infant School the lead person for e-safety is: Mrs G. Herron


Computing in the Twenty-First Century has an all-encompassing role within the lives of children and adults alike. New technologies are enhancing communication and the sharing of information.
Thus, e-Safeguarding is a demonstrably necessary ethos to adopt across all practice that involves computing in one way or another. Creating a safe computing learning environment includes:

ensuring there is an appropriate range of technological tools available to our pupils

developing policies and procedures, with clear roles and responsibilities

delivering an e-Safety education programme for pupils, with staff and parents and carers kept fully informed about internet

e-safety and the acceptable use. 


Please view our school Computing Policy via 'School Policies' tab



I will use good manners at all

times and never be rude or

mean in my communications

with others.


I won't meet up with

anyone I talk to online

unless a trusted adult says

it's OK and they come with



I will think before I post, and

not post any information

that could put me at risk.


I will only accept people as friends

that I really know.


I will keep my personal

information private by not

sharing this information with

anyone online.


I will tell a trusted adult if

anything I see or hear online

makes me uncomfortable.


I will only accept good

manners from people who

communicate with me. 


At school I will only access

sites that help me to

learn or that are  meant for

my age group.

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